Probate And Trust Litigation

Preventative Probate And Trust Care

If there is one thing lead attorney Mary Alice Gwynn learned in her 11 years working as a registered critical care nurse, it is that prevention is the better part of treatment. That lesson is especially important for those facing probate and trust litigation issue

At the firm of Estate Planning Law Office of Mary Alice Gwynn, PA, we put your needs and your personal situation at the forefront of our work. We offer every client who comes to us a focused, attentive team of legal professionals who will take care of your estate administration and litigation concerns according to Florida law. You can rest assured that if we must go to court, your case will receive the same high level of attention that we offer to all our clients.

We Focus On The Cause, Not The Effect

While a well-drafted estate plan is the best line of defense against future litigation, it is not a guarantee. There are any number of reasons that an estate plan would be challenged, including:

  • Undue influence: A concern that a person close to the deceased influenced the decisions in an estate plan due to their access
  • Lack of testamentary capacity: A concern that the decedent did not possess the mental capacity to understand what the will included

We take every possible step to avoid these complications when making changes to wills, by conferring with your physician and treating you ethically when you request changes to your will.

Additionally, there may be issues that involve a serious breach of fiduciary duty when it comes to a trust. The trust administrator, or trustee, has a duty to act according to the wishes of the trust’s creator and in the best interests of the beneficiary. If it can be proved that a trustee acted otherwise or that the final accounting is off in some way, action must be taken.

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