Many Surviving Loved Ones Have Questions About Probate

It is normal for many questions to arise after a loved one's death. However, it is often better to obtain answers to those questions before the person's passing, especially because the person may be the best one to provide those answers. Of course, that is not always possible, but it does not mean that Florida residents cannot obtain the answers they need regarding probate questions.

Many people may wonder what probate is as a whole. In general terms, probate is the process needed to validate a person's will and to then follow the instructions in that will to close the estate. Wills typically focus on bequeathing specific assets to specific people, but the probate process does not start or end there. In fact, there are a number of other tasks that are handled during this process.

Another aspect of closing an estate is handling the remaining debts of the estate. By opening probate, surviving loved ones give creditors the opportunity to make final claims against the estate in efforts to have outstanding balances paid. Typically, they have up to six months after the notice of probate has been published to make claims.

While handling debts and distributing assets are two important parts of probate, they make up only a small portion of the overall process. Because each case differs, Florida residents may want to think of questions they have pertaining to the specific estates they need to settle. They can then consult with Florida attorneys experienced in this area of law in order to have their questions answered and to obtain help throughout the legal proceedings.

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