Handling Probate After a Parent's Passing Can Be Challenging

Even if a parent created an estate plan, closing his or her Florida estate can be a complicated affair. The executor will need to find those documents, go over the instructions, file the proper paperwork with the court and carry out a number of other important tasks. It can be overwhelming at times, but completing probate is a necessary task.

Hopefully, the parent will have discussed his or her estate plans ahead of time, and close family will know who is supposed to be in charge. In a best-case scenario, the executor would also know where to find the will and other important documents without much trouble. If the parent left behind funeral instructions, the family can use those instructions to make arrangements. However, the funeral typically takes place before probate begins, which means that estate funds may not be available yet to pay for the expenses. Still, documentation of who paid the expenses could allow for the person to be reimbursed during probate.

It is also necessary to contact any government agencies from which the decedent may have been getting benefits. The Social Security Administration, Veterans Benefits Administration and other entities need to be notified of the death so that benefit payments can stop. Any payments made after the death need to be returned to the appropriate agency to avoid complications.

Wanting to get everything right for a parent who has recently passed is an understandable goal for Florida residents. They may find it challenging at times and may find it useful to reach out for help when needed. Experienced probate attorneys are available to help interested parties.

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