To Determine Inheritances, Requesting a Will May Be Useful

It is common for people to wonder whether they may receive something from a recently deceased person's estate if they were particularly close to the decedent. While the executor of a Florida estate has the duty of contacting heirs and beneficiaries, it is not always easy to find those individuals. If parties believe they may have inheritances coming but have not been contacted, they may wonder how they can find out.

Usually, individuals leave behind wills that contain information on how property should be distributed after death. When a will goes through probate, it becomes part of the public record, which means that a person interested in seeing the contents of a particular will could request a copy of the document. This document may then help a person determine whether he or she is in line for an inheritance.

In order to obtain a copy of the will, an interested party could go to the court in person to request a copy, request a copy by mail or utilize a legal professional to make the request a person's behalf. Typically, the decedent's name and year of death will need to be provided. Additionally, fees commonly apply in order to obtain a copy.

In some cases, the deceased person may not have left a will or the information is not part of the public record. However, that does not mean that individuals are out of luck when it comes to determining whether they may have inheritances coming their way. Interested parties can speak with Florida attorneys to gain information on their options for handling this type of scenario.

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