Closing Digital Accounts to Prevent Fraud Vital During Probate

While the death of a loved one is often a hard experience to go through, some Florida residents take comfort in the ways that that loved one remains present. For instance, some people may find it enjoyable to go to the deceased's social media accounts to look at old updates and photos. However, the executor of an estate also needs to address these accounts during probate to prevent fraud.

In a best case scenario, the deceased person would have addressed his or her digital assets in a will. The document can include instructions on whether to completely delete accounts or to memorialize them if the option is available. It could also include passwords and instructions on how to access and save important information from these accounts.

Unfortunately, digital assets are still often overlooked when it comes to estate planning even though most people put much of their lives online. As a result, executors often have a monumental task ahead of them when it comes to closing accounts. Additionally, it is important not to put the task off for too long as some parties may try to use unmonitored accounts for fraudulent means.

Executors have a lot to handle when it comes to probate. Finding assets and accounts is commonly one of the more difficult parts of the process. Still, it is a step that needs taking, and without information regarding digital accounts, it can prove daunting. Fortunately, experienced Florida attorneys could help concerned individuals throughout various aspects of closing an estate and ensuring that all necessary steps are taken.

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