Estate planning is a personal endeavor. You take great care to ensure all of your documents are legally sound, ensuring your legacy will continue exactly as you hope.

This can be threatened if you move to a new state.

With large swaths of people moving to Florida from elsewhere, it’s a scenario many of this state’s residents face. Pieces of their existing estate plan may need to be reviewed and modified. Here are three reasons you should trust a local attorney with this responsibility.

They know state laws inside and out

If any aspect of an estate plan is legally invalid, it can cause real confusion for loved ones and, potentially, a significant setback. Because each state has its own estate planning laws, it’s vital to ensure your documents – such as the will, advance medical directive, power of attorney or business succession plans – are valid here in Florida.

A local attorney will know the ins and outs of state law far better than a lawyer based elsewhere. This knowledge can be crucial to making sure everything goes as planned.

They know other experts

While some estate plans can be put together with little outside assistance, others require help from additional experts. A local attorney not only knows the best nearby professionals, but may even have a working relationship with them. By leveraging these connections, you can feel confident your estate plan is airtight.

It’s more personal

When you use a local attorney, you’re engaging with another member of your community. They may even be your neighbor. This means you’re not just another unknown client walking through the door. Instead, there is already a relationship and understanding between the two of you.

Estate planning is sensitive. It’s sometimes even difficult to go through. A familiar face can help make things a little bit easier.