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Beneficiaries are important to the probate process

Many Florida residents want to take something from a recently deceased loved one's estate. However, according to law, individuals cannot just take what they want after a person's passing. Even if a person is named as a beneficiary, he or she may need to wait until property distribution takes place as part of the probate process.

Facing a cancer diagnosis? It may be time for estate planning

No one wants to go to the doctor for a checkup or due to feeling ill and receive a diagnosis of cancer. Unfortunately, numerous people in Florida and across the country receive such devastating news often. This type of information could cause many people to put their life affairs into perspective and may even have them considering estate planning.

Executors may have questions about probate proceedings

Having questions about closing a deceased individual's estate is understandable. Many Florida residents likely have not had to handle probate proceedings until the death of a close loved one. Being put into the role of executor can have its challenges, and understanding the legal process ahead can be useful.

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