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To determine inheritances, requesting a will may be useful

It is common for people to wonder whether they may receive something from a recently deceased person's estate if they were particularly close to the decedent. While the executor of a Florida estate has the duty of contacting heirs and beneficiaries, it is not always easy to find those individuals. If parties believe they may have inheritances coming but have not been contacted, they may wonder how they can find out.

Asset distribution a touchy part of estate administration

Asset distribution is an important part of closing a Florida estate. However, there is a time for making such distributions, and it typically takes place at the end of the estate administration process. Of course, surviving loved ones who have had their eyes on certain items or who have been bequeathed items may try to get those assets sooner.

Talking about wanted care is an important part of estate planning

When individuals begin thinking about their end-of-life wishes, they often consider how they want their property distributed. While decisions relating to this matter are certainly important, there are other aspects of life that also need consideration. For instance, a person may need someone to make medical decisions for him or her due to incapacitation. Fortunately, estate planning can help.

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