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Planning an estate, going through the probate process or administrating a loved one’s estate can be a very personal and sad time. Whether you are documenting your own wishes or confronting legal aspects for someone who has passed away, you need an experienced estate planning lawyer who knows the system and will work with you and through the process. At the Florida law firm of Estate Planning Law Office of Mary Alice Gwynn, PA, this is our focus. Our lead estate planning attorney is a former, certified critical care nurse and has seen up close how a lack of estate planning can lead to devastation. She has practiced law for over 29 years and can help clients effectively plan for the future. Learn more about attorney Gwynn and attorney Rogers below:


Proactive Legal Advocacy For Estate And Probate Concerns

Families are by far the most affected by the realities of estate planning and probate law. Going it alone is an option, but the consequences of attempting to navigate the complicated probate system can be devastating. We offer our service to you because we have seen up close the effects of an unplanned estate. The issues that may come up due to a lack of an estate plan can include:

  • Probate disputes that rip families apart over confusing issues
  • Devastating financial losses to taxation and other hidden costs of losing a loved one
  • Losing days and weeks to the unending paperwork and meetings and court dates
  • The stress of answering thousands of questions you never considered

There is no denying the difficulties that families face when dealing with the death of a loved one. We put our work into treating these problems appropriately before they become exacerbated. Early intervention is always the best way forward.

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