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What Benefits Does A Trust Offer ?

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One of the benefits that I often tell my clients, to void probate. No one wants to go through probate. It's a long process, it's expensive. And a lot of times, you don't get your assets right away.

If you have a trust, you don't go through probate. You have more control of your property; meaning, you can specify where your property's gonna go, if it's gonna be held in trust for your spouse, for creditor protection, second marriage protection, disability protection, and these same protections can also flow down to the ultimate beneficiaries, maybe your children. A trust also can avoid estate taxes. If it's set up properly, you can avoid paying state and estate taxes. But again, I recommend consulting with an estate planning attorney that can guide you through the benefits of having a trust. But the main is to avoid probate, and to have the most control over your property upon disability and death.

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