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How Can An Estate Plan Help Lgbt Couples?

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An individual always wants to be in control of their assets. They want their assets to go to their family, their loved ones, their pets, their charities, and if you don't have a proper estate plan, you don't know where your assets are going.

Just recently, the Florida legislature has acknowledged same sex marriages. With that, there are some benefits. Now, if you do pass away without a will, your spouse ... Now, I'm not talking about a domestic partner, you have to be legally married. Your spouse, if there's not any minor children will inherit everything.

Additionally, who do you want to make healthcare decisions? I would want my spouse or my domestic partner. Who would you want to take care of your assets if you become disabled, whether it be mentally, physically? You would want your spouse or your domestic partner. So for all those reasons and more, an estate plan will help you in these areas.

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