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Estate Planning Issues Facing Same-Sex Couples

While the question of marriage equality was settled on the national level, concerns still linger for same-sex couples facing the end of their lives. It is a sad reality that without specific language and protection a lifelong partner can be completely left out of consideration after death. However, there are still options for you.

The Estate Planning Law Office of Mary Alice Gwynn, PA, provides service to those most in need, no matter who they are. Lead attorney Mary Alice Gwynn is a former nurse, and her experiences in that industry have built a deep-seated drive to help people facing these tough times. Care for you is at the center of our work.

What Risks Do Same-Sex Couples Face Without An Estate Plan?

In Florida, the law will create a will for you if you do not have an estate plan in place. It is a one-size-fits-all method built by precedence and legislation. These statutes focus on marriage, but that is only recently a choice for same-sex couples.

With a personally crafted estate plan you can avoid such problems as:

  • The state created will ignoring you.
  • Losing custody of a child you helped to raise.
  • Hospital staff denying entry when your loved one is ill.
  • Losing access to the home you have lived in.

While domestic partnership can help many of these problems, it may not solve everything. Additionally, those that choose not to marry or get a partnership may have no recourse but litigation, which can carry risks.

Whatever your unique concerns are, we can be there to help you move forward. We put all of our experience and empathy into our work and treat you with respect and kindness at every step.

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