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What Is Estate Planning?

An estate plan is the map that can lead your family through the difficult issues they will face when you pass on. You do not want to leave your family without guidance at this time, choose a lawyer with a history of personal care and dedication to help the people you love most move forward.

At the Estate Planning Law Office of Mary Alice Gwynn, PA, our attorneys know that your life experience is unique in the world. That means you need an estate plan unlike everyone else's, one that is written specifically for your needs and your family. That is our goal with every client.

The Difference That Care Can Make

Many see estate planning as simply transactional law. People make an appointment and fill out some forms and at the end they have an estate plan. The process should be more personal than that. Your life should be handled by a lawyer who cares for you and the life you lived.

When you have a lawyer, who cares working for you, you will see immediate differences in the service you receive. You will:

  • Have every question and concern addressed immediately and with the information you deserve to have laid out for you in a way you understand.
  • Be taught about the hard and unpleasant realities about estate planning and the concerns that every family will face.
  • Be comforted by a steady, experienced hand who will listen to you, and tailor their actions to your life and your hopes.
  • Have peace of mind that your family will not be lost when you are no longer there to guide them.

Our firm is dedicated to this level of service and care for anyone living in Florida who comes to us. With our lead attorney's unique history as a nurse and life-long member of the Delray Beach community, she teaches us to put a human face on every plan we craft because you deserve it.

Get Your Answers From Us

Whenever you have an estate planning question we will be there to give you the answers you seek. We are always available and speak English and Spanish for your convenience. Reach us right away by calling 561-330-5306 or through email.

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